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Introduction to Lexington Forensic Psychiatry

Lexington Forensic Psychiatry serves its third decade as Kentucky's largest private forensic psychiatric establishment, providing forensic services, academic teaching, and academic research. We are committed to comprehensive and accurate forensic examinations, including high-quality neuropsychological assessment and state-of-the-art brain-imaging technology.

Lexington Forensic Psychiatry specializes in the psychiatric and neuropsychiatric evaluation of plaintiffs and defendants involved in traumatic brain injury, personal injury, criminal, and employment and worker's compensation legal cases. It serves lawyers, judges, corporations, public school systems, insurance companies, state governments, the United States Department of Justice, United States Postal Service, the United States Army, and universities with medical-legal assessments and fitness-for-duty evaluations.

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Dr. Timothy S. Allen

Timothy S Allen, M.D. has been providing psychiatric consultation and evaluations for over ten years as a faculty member of the University of Kentucky Department of Psychiatry and now in private practice. He is active in education of psychiatry residents and participates in national organizations and meetings regarding forensic psychiatry.